USSD Solution

Ussd solution for everyone

Today, a variety of industries transact business online using this payment solution. The USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, allows real-time interaction for users to access information or make contactless payments online. This remote application is highly scalable and supported on many smart devices too.

Ubiq Pay Technology uses the latest API to deliver simple, reliable, and dependable payment solutions for all industries. Whether you are operating an e-commerce platform, an online gaming or betting site, or dealing with businesses online, our USSD payment solution is fast, effective, and secure.

Types of USSD solutions

Our team will create a USSD payment solution for you according to your respective industry, whether dedicated or shared.

A dedicated USSD solution is solely for a particular business or service. The code is usually three digits with an asterisk and hashtag. It is unique to that company, and no other company can use it.

The shared USSD solution is for companies or businesses with sub-companies. The code consists of the first three digits like in a dedicated USSD but with extra two digits. Each sector or service or the primary company is allocated a different 2-digit code, allowing external and internal users to know which part of the business they are dealing with.

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