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Payment Solution for Africa

Whether B2B, B2C, or C2C, if your business collects money from another, you need a payment solution that keeps you ahead of the pack. In Africa, over 90% of transactions are done with raw cash. There is an opportunity to capture that market with proper awareness and develop a solution for them. Ubiq Pay Technology enables merchants to receive payment in a simple, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Our secure end-to-end cashless payment solution is for all businesses, including small and locally owned businesses, providing countless services to Africa across the length and breadth of the continent. We specialize in payment solutions that assist retailers, merchants, and consumers by developing custom plans that work anywhere. Our teams are passionate about actualizing your marketing goals and revenue.

There are plenty of local payment solutions available for transacting across many channels in Africa. Despite the plethora of payments, Africa still deals with cash as an essential part of transacting business. However, to get money moving without actually carrying any, we provide the following services:

Mobile Money

The Ubiq Pay Technology mobile-money payment gateway makes saving, spending, and sending money simple, allowing anyone in Africa and beyond to easily save, spend, and send money. Also referred to as a mobile wallet, this is a popular alternative for business people and merchants to conduct business securely from their mobile devices.

With over 650 million phone users on the continent, we intend to leverage businesses and demographics to drive home a cashless but safer method of dealing in cash. With Ubiq Pay Technology, mobile money solutions allow you to pay bills, top-up mobile airtime and transfer money through a simple text message.

Why Mobile Money?

  • It is versatile and user-friendly, and with little or no tech know-how, anyone can perform simple send, confirm, transfer, or make payments with the tap of a button.
  • There is no third-party interference or extra charges, which makes it appealing to students, retailers, and many local business owners across Africa.
  • It is fast and convenient, as people with the app downloaded on their devices can send and receive money in minutes.
  • It is a secure means of payment as the user’s identity is verified and protected by the financial houses in the location. Mobile money cannot be accessed by anyone without accurate details.

It is affordable, especially for local traders, and at Ubiq Pay Technology, we offer unbeatable exchange rates that are too good to be true.

Does Ubiq Pay Technology allow international mobile money facilities?

Yes, we do. The recipient must have a mobile money account, number, and other essential details before the process occurs. You can also follow the message prompt on your mobile device to send and confirm money transfers.

Why choose Ubiq Pay Technology?

  • We are efficient and give you total control of the process. All you need is a smartphone or computer, and you are good to go.
  • We use industry-leading innovation tools to track, protect and ensure your money is in your account during a transfer.
  • Our transfers and payments are conducted in under a minute.
  • We are affordable, with no hidden charges.
  • Cash solutions

No Cards payment solution options

Transacting businesses online or offline requires a transaction channel. Imagine if that step was omitted. What would you do? Our no-card payment option is a simple and risk-free method that allows merchants, retailers, and consumers to transact across several channels without stress.

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TRansactions made

Our innovative technology protects customer data, tracks payments, and prevents chargebacks or manages failed payments. Ubiq Pay Technology’s no-card payment solution is all-inclusive, comprehensive, easy, and convenient for all types of businesses.

Need to get started on a no-card payment solution for your business? Contact Ubiq Pay Technology for a seamless, intuitive, and elegant experience.

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Choosing the right payment solution for your business can be confusing. So let us take the stress off your shoulders with our affordable, extensive, and user-friendly systems. Our support team will sit down and discuss what is suitable for your business and follow you through the process to get you settled in.

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