Consulting Services

Consulting Services for the Gaming Sector

Ubiq Pay Technology is your one-stop turnkey solution provider for all things gaming, including gaming consultancy, advisory, negotiations, implementation, development, and support. As the gaming and gambling industry expands exponentially throughout Africa, we have developed a system to allow businesses to tap into this booming economy.

Our services extend to sports, gaming machines, casinos, mobile gambling and betting, and more.

Our Services Include

Gaming Consulting and Advice

A gaming company knows it takes more than interior décor to run a successful outlet, whether online or offline. We have a recognized team of consulting experts with vast knowledge of the gaming industry ready to offer their crude expertise to you. Whether you are new to the market or trying to expand in another market, we are the support structure to take you there.

Our experts will conduct a market assessment and draft a business model with detailed reviews, business strategies, product evaluations, and more.

While consulting is our expertise, we advise gaming operators on how best to organize their current business. It allows them to increase customer interaction, engagement, and ROI, yet remain relevant in the industry.

Gaming Licensees

There are strict rules, regulations, and laws governing the gaming scene across Africa. While these regulations are in place to ensure accountability, they can be time-consuming for companies looking to open a gaming outlet anywhere in Africa. So to get you started on the right foot, a gaming license compliant with the country’s laws is needed.

Our experience in the gaming sector has given us leverage to pursue licenses and operational compliance permits as provided by authorities in the gaming sector.

Gaming Development Assistance

The growing passion for gaming is rising across the country. If you operate a gaming company, you should think of developing it to suit and meet the needs of your consumer base. Are you thinking of expanding your current base? Do you need a qualified and experienced gaming technology team to assist you? Then contact Ubiq Pay Technology to bring your reality to the audience that matters.

Gaming Negotiating Team

Are you looking to purchase an existing gaming house or business? You need a competent team that understands the compliance and regulations associated with the gaming industry. However, we have financial experts to help you negotiate the deal, close it at a good price, and sign it all for your benefit and on your behalf.


We understand the challenges in the gaming business across the continent. Whether it’s regulatory compliance, government processes, gaming laws and regulations, taxation, and more, we can help you navigate the rough waters. Our team’s years of experience provide a competent and experienced toolkit for any business round table.

Ubiq Pay Technology understands the ever-growing demand for better payment gateway and business solutions.