Advantages of Using Ubiq Pay Technology

Affordable and simplified Pricing:

Setting up a payment solution for your business can be costly, but at, we have factored in all processes on one platform. This cuts costs and enables our users to monitor all transactions using a simple back office.

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Our system is compliant-proof.

Payment regulations and guidelines are different across the borders of Africa. Therefore, to combat restrictions and delays, our payment portal factors in tax, charges, liability, and compliance during every transaction. Additionally, we are compliant with fraud and money laundering laws in all countries we operate in. On the flip side, we also have a system in place to resolve failed payments, manage transfers and receive chargebacks and other reconciliations according to your business.

Experience Remarkable Business Growth.

Businesses in Africa want a system that allows them to easily and quickly collect payment from customers and reinvest it in their operations. The Ubiq Pay Technology payment platform leverages innovation to boost revenue and customer engagement. So, whether you are looking to scale your business or remain consistent in business, our payment systems are designed to help you achieve excellence.



Scale Your Business without the Technical Burden

Many businesses stay away from payment platforms because of their complexities, such as integrated systems, maintenance, and buying tools and software to support them. However, with Ubiq Pay Technology, we have done the heavy lifting and designed an all-inclusive payment platform that fits well into your business type. Additionally, it requires no technical knowledge or a technician.

Not Your Typical Payment Method

We are not a payment gateway solution that enables you to collect only money; our platform monitors every money route, including expenses, received, income, and allocation. Additionally, it allows the business person to follow their business step-by-step for a successful business. So, if you want to get MORE out of your payment system, consider Ubiq Pay Technology. We are the payment solution beyond borders.

Payment Solutions for Africa