UBIQ pay technology



For millions of businesses in Africa and beyond, seamless business transactions and engagements are limited by accelerated payment and the verifiable system.

As an African-based technology company,

  • We believe that payments and transacting business across the continent and beyond should never be a problem.
  • We believe everyone should have access to the numerous markets and opportunities to grow their business ideas from a dream into a reality.
  • We believe that effective payment systems can change the lives of millions across the continent and build trust among merchants.

This can only happen with a unified and trusted payment platform.

Ubiq Pay Technology is changing the belief system with software and API systems that accept payments, send money, and help people manage their businesses at home or away in an ever-changing economy.

Our all-in-one platform and solution helps businesses like yours acclimatize to and accept digital payments, interact and engage with a larger consumer audience, and automate payment decisions and transactions from anywhere in the world.

Do business in Africa and beyond with ease!

We just made your life a whole lot easier!

From mobile money to cards to e-commerce and online payments and other turnkey solutions, our unified payment platform uses technology for cashless payment, consumer engagement, and business growth.

We bring in the heavy machinery to build fully integrated payment products that accept and send out payments from your channel. Our payment products allow in-person and online payments in all businesses and marketplaces.

Additionally, our platform helps businesses limit and manage electronic fraud and business expenditures and maximize acceptance as you grow your business.

Problems we solved

Payments and Processing

Secure all payment types, streamline transactions, and expand your customer and revenue base.

Cash-transacted businesses are the reason why many online payments still lag. Many people feel more relaxed with money in their hands than with an unseen transaction going through the internet. Their fears are not unfounded, with a poor network as the harbinger of bad news it is easy to see why.

Ubiq Pay Technology is changing the narrative with a secure cashless payment system that elevates customer-merchant interaction, builds trust, maximizes sales, and increases ROI.

Using our payment solutions, you can design custom and flexible payments routes to ensure you never miss a sale. Payments channels include mobile money, cards, and more as your business requires.

Create long-term & loyal customer relationship.

Consumers expect merchants and businesses to understand their needs and demands. Sometimes it is difficult to conduct business dealings in person or make payments in the same manner. However, you can easily build long-lasting loyal customers that will stay forever with effective payment solutions.

Regardless of how you do business, maximum satisfaction via the appropriate payment gateway will keep customers returning to you. Want to grow your business? Choose the Ubiq Pay Technology today.

Why Choose our solutions?

We are opening up the continent to better and more innovative opportunities. The continent is experiencing an economic and business shift with consumer needs at the center. Our payment solution supports the current ecosystem and builds on the infrastructure already in place for future scalability and growth. To ensure these opportunities are not missed, we have developed simpler and more efficient payment solutions to suit varied business models across the continent and beyond.

Our goal is to maximize profits, increase consumer capabilities, and business efficiency through simple payment channels.


Flexible payment Solutions

The business industry is constantly earth-quaked by reforms and laws to protect consumers’ expectations and demands. Additionally, as mobile technology grows, it is paramount to improve interaction and engagement through this channel. Ubiq Pay Technology will continue to develop modern, flexible, and innovative payment solutions to solve current challenges or curb future ones. This will drive bolder business ideas and satisfy consumers too.


Maintaining and Strengthening Clientele Relationships:

We appreciate the position accorded to us by our amiable clients as their payment channel providers. We promise to supply only the best to tackle every challenge in an ever-evolving industry. To effectively put this in place, we work closely with our clients and their businesses to devise unique payment solutions to cater to their immediate and long-term goals and needs. Additionally, we strive to maintain and strengthen our geographical capabilities through constant engagement and interaction with our clientele.

We intend to make prosperity in Africa a tenable reality by utilizing innovative payment technology to connect businesses to resources and consumers in one large continental digital economy.

Our solution is supported by the best.

Businesses in Africa expect the best from their payment systems, and we are THE SOLUTION for the century.

We have investigated, designed, developed, and partnered with stable financial institutes, businesses, networks, and merchants to accurately pinpoint the problem and devise a solution that drives economic and personal growth. Regardless of your needs, we cover everything from USSD transactions, mobile money, virtual and physical cards, gaming, and lottery solutions from various merchants.

Countries that we currently support

Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Bostwana, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire,Cameroon, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Mozambique, Rwanda, Ethiopia

Telecom Providers

We are supported by the best, with numerous giant telecom providers to offer you the best possible services.